Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ways To Make Money Online

I just looked at an affiliate plan that makes sense to me (well actually 2 of them), it won't cost you no more then $30 (unless you choose to do more), and you will automatically get 2,500 TARGETED TRAFFIC HITS.

The first one is atRevisitors.com, here's the brief on these cats. They get you TARGETED TRAFFIC and for a good price too. They also have and affiliate program that makes since.

The affiliate program is FREE but what you can do is:

1. Sign up with Revistors.com affiliate program. (You get 20% of all sales made and resales) Which breaks down like this:

TARGETED VISITOR PLANS Revisitor / 20% / You get paid
Traffic Plan 1
2,500 Visitors
80 to 100 hits per day
$19.95 - $15.96 = $3.99
Traffic Plan 2
5,000 Visitors
160 to 200 hits per day
$28.95 - $23.16 = $5.79
Traffic Plan 3
10,000 Visitors
320 to 400 hits per day
$48.95 - $39.16 = $9.79
Traffic Plan 4
25,000 Visitors
780 to 1000 hits per day
$99.95 - $79.96 = $19.99
Traffic Plan 5
50,000 Visitors
1560 to 2000 hits per day
$189.95 - $151.96 = $37.99
Traffic Plan 6
100,000 Visitors
3120 to 4000 hits per day
$349.95 - $279.96 = $69.99

2. Then buy a domain name from GDI (It's free for 7 days, after that it's $10), now this is a domain name that you can make money off of even when you are making money off of the domain name. You will see what I mean.

3.Now go back to Revisitors.com and buy a package.

4. Promote both campaigns Revisitors.com and GDI together. (hint: You only have to buy one package at Revisitors.com and you can split the hits between both or multiple URLs)

I told you that I would get you an update on Revisitor.com and they just set up my campaign today @ 4pm and end of the day results so far 257 Hits and 223 Unique Hits 2 sales (I have this package on my most profitable site right now). We will see how much better it gets from here on out, cause I bought the 10,000 Hits package. Half way thought the day and over half the hits they said they would get in a day. I will keep you posted.

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