Monday, June 15, 2009

Free traffic to website!

I have found somethings that have worked for me to TRIPLE my traffic. Which is not saying a lot, because I originally had! I went from 106 unique clicks in two weeks. To 300 clicks a day using these tactics.

First off, Article Posting. I was doing this manually for a while cause I wanted more traffic and because you can use those free article submitting sites. But they publish the same article to every site which doesn't help in ranks for original content. Google see the same article all the time and they flag it as the same article being spammed. It's not fair I know, but google is King right now. So It's their rules okay.

So I don't know of any free Article Submitting Sites. So if you know some, leave a comment about it. I am sure everyone else would like to know and I will check it out and blog on it later also.

So right now I am using Traffic Geyser and Article Robot, these are the to 2 things that made me go up in targeted traffic folks not just anybody coming to your wedsite like that exchange traffic crap. I got unique hit and sales right away. Like within 72 hours I started getting those hits that I was talking about earlier. I got my first sale from it in like 5 days after set up and it has been pretty consistent since then. I get 1 or 2 sales a day now, compared to every week.

Honestly it is all about traffic, like I have said before (in other articles and blogs).

"You can have the cure for cancer on your website, but if you don't have traffic. Then you might as well keep it to you and your family."

Traffic Geyser is site that distributes Video and Blog like ads to:

- Video sites (YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, etc.)
- Social bookmarking (Del.ic.ious, Furl…)
- Social networking (i.e. MySpace)
- Unlimited user WordPress Blogs
- Podcasts
- Podcast Directories

The COMBINATION of these sites is what gives your listings enormous strength and staying power.

Article Robot is a program that submits to more than 433 Article Sites & 54 Mail Lists and they do it over time so that you won't get caught by google. It will also register you with all of the Article Sites as well, it really just saves so much time and effort.

Okay now to the good stuff, the stuff for! I also use Twitter and Tweetlater they go hand and hand when getting your links out there. You can also put things on auto pilot with Tweetlater, just type in your message and sent it in 15mins, 30mins, and hour or days from now. Without even being logged into twitter, it's awesome. I love auto systems and why is that? Because I am lazy, that's right I am. Won't you join!

If you a savvy computer user then you probably already have this, but here is a bit torrent for an Article Submitter Download. (It's for Windows only) Also here is something else that I found out about for social sites. It registers you to most of them for free, you just type in username and password and BOOM! It's done, just like that. It's called SocialMatic and it is free.

Now I have found out through my own experience, that you don't get good fortune on here unless you give back. So If you have any information on how to get more TARGETED TRAFFIC (I can't express that enough), then leave a comment about it. Weather it is FREE or COST, but I am sure everyone likes free better.

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