Monday, June 15, 2009

Get traffic for free!

I was just search for more opportunities and I kept on typing in different key phrases in Google (the!). I realized that this one site just kept on coming up and at the very top too!

Like all the time their name would just keep come up and up and up. So I was like let me go and check it out, so I did and of course it is a sight that sells traffic, but what I found interesting is the prices for the amount of traffic that they are willing to give.

Here's a breakdown:

Traffic Plan 1
2,500 Visitors
80 to 100 hits per day
Traffic Plan 2
5,000 Visitors
160 to 200 hits per day
$28.95 (you save $10)
Traffic Plan 3
10,000 Visitors
320 to 400 hits per day
$48.95 (you save $30)
Traffic Plan 4
25,000 Visitors
780 to 1000 hits per day
$99.95 (you save $100)
Traffic Plan 5
50,000 Visitors
1560 to 2000 hits per day
$189.95 (you save $210)
Traffic Plan 6
100,000 Visitors
3120 to 4000 hits per day
$349.95 (you save $450)

Now when you consider all the time you spend trying to get traffic and the amount of that is spent on getting traffic. Those prices are not that bad and you do not have to just use one URL, you can split 2 or 3 amongst the traffic.

I am going to test out the $20 one just to see how legit they are and if they are good, then I will report it and let you all know what happen. Okay the link is Check it out for yourself also, PEACE!

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